Local Wildlife Visits Alba Highland Cottages

The cottages continue to be busy with plenty of human, animal and bird visitors. The resident red squirrels, usually two in number are constant source of pleasure and are good value to watch eating the nuts, chasing each other and doing aerobatics through the trees.

Roe deer are still around in the wood and no doubt mindful of the garden tulips, which they seemed to enjoy last year. No appetite though for daffodils so all welsh visitors relax!

Other animal visitors not so welcome are field mice. They sometimes need reminded that they are field mice not house mice. Anyway I think they have got the message!

There was another mysterious 4-legged visitor at the boundary fence in amongst some wood on the ground. On closer inspection it was it was a mixture of black and white and was a large tame domestic rabbit. Anyone lost a rabbit?

The forecast was frost and then snow so concerned re its survival skills. No SAS training me thinks so best call the SSPCA. Very helpful and my friendly rabbit taken on a wee trip to Inverness to be found a new home.

The bird table is busy but mainly the usual garden birds and visits by a pair of woodpeckers. It is amazing though how they get through the bird food.

Tree creepers are around most of the time doing their climb up the trees.

Please record any wild life you see, as there is plenty around.

That’s the current picture. Weather still very mild with snow conditions far from ideal at Aviemore.