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March 2018

After the Beast from the East and snow and more snow, skiing in the Cairngorms is excellent. All roads are clear and almost all lifts are running . News from the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig is that UK’s olny baby polar bear has been caught on camera for first time as mother and cub […]

December 2017

Arrived here on Saturday for a few days.Weather had been cold with snow and ice , main roads fine but side roads a problem at times.Staying in Ptarmigan for 5 nights so glad to say heating working and nice and warm.Now mild and rapid thaw so roads no longer an issue. Bird feeders empty and […]

Busy Summer

The cottages have had a busy summer with both cottages booked for most weeks other than the odd one. Guests have arrived from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark and the States as well as from all parts of the UK. The weather although very Scottish has not been a bar to exploring the Highlands and the […]

Local Wildlife Visits Alba Highland Cottages

The cottages continue to be busy with plenty of human, animal and bird visitors. The resident red squirrels, usually two in number are constant source of pleasure and are good value to watch eating the nuts, chasing each other and doing aerobatics through the trees.